Sunday, November 01, 2009

We [heart] Flashers

Flash Mob Dance @Atlanta Pride from Will Day on Vimeo.

Thanks for coming out and shakin' your groove thing.  How did you dance in that mud?  You all looked great and we had so much fun.   We'd like to thank Sheffield and the Atlanta PRIDE Committee for all their support and for sharing the meadow with us.  We'd also like to thank Dance 101 for giving us a place to get it all together.  Big props & heartfelt gratitude to our partner in crime -- Bubba Carr.

Most of all -- Thanks to everyone of you who put the Flash into flashmob.

Here are two video clips courtesy of Will Day at -- the first one is a little pre-show fun and the second is the performance.

Here are some additional links to video clips of the dance from Bubba Carr, WhetWetty, clarkrobertf, jpbpsyched, MWpro44, helenkellercantsee, TeacherBlackwell, hueyproductions

We'll continue to post your videos as we come across them (or please email us a link).  We'll post our official video soon.   WXIA gave coverage about the flashmob during their 10pm newscast and the Southern Voice blog carried this report.

Stay tuned, everyone... we'll do it again!  Want to join us?  Then just drop us a line at info(at)brooksandcompanydance(dot)org

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen from Will Day on Vimeo.


  1. Saw the 11Alive video! Looked awesome and seemed you all had a great time - and could you guys move!!

  2. Hi Bea, Thanks. It was a lot of fun. Join us next time.