Monday, August 24, 2009

From the Eye (and Mouth) of the Director

I have spent the last several weeks thinking hard about what I should write for my very first entry on BCD's new blog. I wanted it to be informative about what the company has been working on, as well as welcoming, insightful and entertaining. Once I got my hands on our newest toy, the fabulous Flip camera (an in-kind donation from the "momarvelous" folks at Momar), it became very clear what my first entry should be... a VLOG!

I hope you enjoy this first behind-the-scenes look at BCD, and please join us on September 27th, 2009 as we unveil the '09-'10 season and our beautiful new images. Enjoy, and be sure to catch us live and in the flesh this season!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anniversaries to Celebrate with Our Peers

Congrats to all of you. Thanks for blazing the trail for us. We wish you many more successful years!

The Atlanta Ballet: 80th Anniversary
The Georgia Ballet: 50th Anniversary
Several Dancers Core: 30th Anniversary
Ballethnic Dance Company: 20th Anniversary
Giwayen Mata: 15th Anniversary
The Inman Park Dance Festival: 10th Anniversary
Zoetic Dance Ensemble: 10th Anniversary

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FCAC Contract Signing

Yesterday was signing day for artists who received Fulton County Arts Council Contracts for Services. Events like this are fun because you get to meet peers from all disciplines and catch up on what they've done over the past year and what they've got planned for the upcoming season. Yesterday was extra special because it marked the 30th anniversary of the FCAC.

Our very first grant was through the Fulton County Arts Council - a time that strangely seems both far away and near. Maybe that's because its not just the grant process that stands out but rather the friendships that were formed with staff members who were genuinely concerned with helping us create a successful grant, folks who want to see artists and the Arts succeed. These are the same staff members who attended our performances or who we see at other performances and events around town. We've had similar experiences with staffers at the Georgia Council for the Arts.

As we get ready to announce our fourth season, we do so with great appreciation to the Fulton County Arts Council, The Georgia Council for the Arts and the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. These organizations currently provide the majority of our funding.