Friday, October 09, 2009

Meet Jena Michele Kovash



  1. I am a nerd. The binder- it's true chronological and color ordered. You should see my sock drawer... ~Jena

  2. I'm a nerd too, my sock drawer is impeccable! But I consider myself a creative nerd, there's a difference. I've always loved your creativity and your nerdness Jena. We nerds have to stick together and besides you have no choice, we're family.

    Love you Jena Ballerina
    Auntie Nerd (Renee)

  3. Even as a very young sassy dancer, Jena has organization sonar. One day after school, she indignantly announced that someone had been messing with her dest things. When asked how could she know, she proclaimed, "Well, I have everything in size and alphabetical order, and it's not like that now"! And Terry says it's strange to see creative people or organized. ~ Momma

  4. Oops - correction. "SOOOOOO" organized. ~ Momma

  5. Love it, and you do 'drop it like it's hot'

    Lauren Lee